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How are GoDaddy and Poynt connected?

Poynt and GoDaddy have joined forces, and Poynt is now part of the GoDaddy family! Poynt was founded as an open commerce platform to connect merchants, resellers, and developers with the hardware, software, tools, and services to grow their business without limits. Integrating Poynt with GoDaddy’s commerce services expands the opportunities for small businesses to sell in-person and through online stores, marketplaces, and social networks all from one place.

As part of this process, GoDaddy and Poynt accounts are now connected. This means that Poynt customers are now also GoDaddy customers. Once you’ve linked or created your GoDaddy account, your log-in credentials are the same for GoDaddy and Poynt.

Find out more about this exciting union in the press releases from Poynt and GoDaddy.

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