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What is OneDrive for Business?

When you think of storing your files and other important documents on the cloud, think no further than OneDrive for Business. With OneDrive, your files are kept up-to-date and accessible anywhere, from any device, and by anyone (with the appropriate security credentials, of course).

Learn how to share and access your files using OneDrive for Business. OneDrive and the cloud allow you to collaborate and co-author in real time, increasing everyone's productivity.

Then check out this blog post describing how OneDrive can optimize your business.

Customer case studies for OneDrive for Business

Watch the Lotus F1 team talk about how distributed and secure file access through OneDrive for Business helps them keep the razor thin edge they need to beat out their competitors.

Vishal FinCap is a financial services and wealth management firm based in India. Read more about how OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft 365, helped them boost their productivity and collaboration to see record growth in their own small business.

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