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Reset my website

To start over with a brand-new design, you'll need to reset your website. This is not the same as "unpublishing" or hiding your site, which is not possible. If you did accidentally publish your site, you have a few options instead of unpublishing.

If you are resetting your site because you wish to change Business Category or images, please consider modifying your site instead. You are in full control to modify your category, choose a new theme, add or remove sections, and even swap out your images with thousands of images in our stock library.

Warning: Resetting your site deletes all your site's content except images and store products you've uploaded. Instead of resetting your site, consider whether a better option might be using the Restore button in Step 5, which replaces your current content with a previous version of your site.
  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help opening your product?)
  2. Click Edit Site.
  3. Click the Site Settings panel.
    click Site Settings panel
  4. Click Site History.
  5. Click Reset Website.
    Click reset website
  6. One last chance to change your mind. If you're ready, click Yes, Start Over.
    Click Start Over
  7. Your website's content is removed immediately, and you are taken to the original setup fields. Enter new information to set up your website using another design.
    Re-enter setup information

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