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GoDaddy Pro

Manage your clients, websites and tasks.

GoDaddy Pro is free — and designed to make your life easier.

Manage both your clients and their websites all from a single dashboard.
Bulk updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
Compatible with all hosting providers.

GoDaddy Pro

Manage your clients, websites and tasks.

GoDaddy Pro is free — and designed to make your life easier.

Manage both your clients and their websites all from a single dashboard.
Bulk updates for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.
Compatible with all hosting providers.

Img Pro Dashboard
Icon Site 235X
Manage all your sites efficiently.
Perform individual or bulk updates and simplify maintenance tasks across all your client websites — even those not hosted by GoDaddy. No more manual backups and juggling multiple schedules.
Icon Clients 235X
Work smarter with secure, centralized client management.
From a single sign on, manage all your clients’ sites and products on their behalf through shared shopping or delegated access. Email reports to keep clients updated on their site status.
Icon Benefits 235X
Spend more and save more.
Enjoy discounts and earn rewards toward future purchases on all new, qualifying product purchases* made by you or your clients.
Grow your business with a rich set of website tools and program benefits.
Website Management
Manage all your sites and automate updates individually or in bulk.
Quickly perform bulk updates for plugins, themes and WordPress core no matter where sites are hosted. GoDaddy Pro also offers a slew of free and paid add-ons to help with common tasks, like backups, monitoring, security, client reports and SEO.
Client Management
Get simplified, secure client management.
Spend less time managing client sites, shopping and reporting individually. With GoDaddy Pro, do it all from a single dashboard, and free up your day to create more and manage less.
Enjoy 30% off qualifying purchases 100% of the time.
With Benefits from GoDaddy Pro, earn rewards and score discounts on purchases* for yourself and your clients.

Premium Features

Put premium features to work for additional flexibility.

Those with a GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan get their monthly charge waved on these Features. Additionally, for those with any GoDaddy hosting plan the monthly charge is waived for Backups (with Cloning & Migration).
“With the full integration of one dashboard, I was like, ‘Hey this is exactly what I need.’ I don’t need to remember a bunch of passwords now, and making bulk updates is simple and fast.”
— Phil Levine, South Florida Web Advisors

Frequently asked questions about
GoDaddy Pro

What’s the difference between GoDaddy Pro and GoDaddy Pro Plus?

All GoDaddy Pro members get 30% off new, qualifying products.
* A GoDaddy Pro member receives 5% Reward on new, qualifying GoDaddy purchases

* A GoDaddy Pro Plus members (member who spends 459,56 € or more per year) receives: a 10% Reward on new, qualifying GoDaddy purchases* in addition to a business listing in Connect, our global directory of web developers and designers.

What’s the difference between Sites and Clients?

Sites simplifies WordPress site maintenance, allowing you to bulk update all your WordPress sites at once, even those not hosted by GoDaddy. Clients puts all your client accounts – and all their GoDaddy products – at your fingertips. It streamlines account access, purchasing, and tracking client costs. Time savings all around.

Who should consider joining the GoDaddy Pro Program?

Web Developers. Web Designers. The GoDaddy Pro program is for all web designers and developers who build websites and/or maintain websites – particularly WordPress sites – for their clients. The program offers tools to automate routine website maintenance tasks and consolidate client management into one dashboard; the program also includes a variety of Benefits giving members 30% off on new, qualifying GoDaddy product purchases. Plus, you can earn Rewards (of 5%-10% depending on your membership tier) on a current purchase which can be redeemed on future product purchases. And it’s all 100% free.

How will I receive my Discounts and Rewards?

You will receive a discount code for 30% off new, qualifying purchases when you sign up for GoDaddy Pro. You may also request a 30% discount code when logged into the program by navigating to the Rewards section and selecting Perks. You can then generate an email with a discount code to be used by you or your clients.

You can earn 5%-10% Rewards on all new, qualifying purchases* via shopping cart on GoDaddy.com. You may redeem Rewards on future GoDaddy product purchases. Your Rewards balance is displayed on the Rewards page when logged into the program.

¿El Programa GoDaddyPro está disponible en mi país/región?

Nos complace respaldar a los diseñadores y los desarrolladores web de los países o las regiones siguientes:
Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Irlanda, Israel, Malasia, México, Nueva Zelanda, Pakistán, Perú, Filipinas, Singapur, España, Sudáfrica, Taiwán, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos y Venezuela.

TEN EN CUENTA: Si bien nos estamos ampliando a otros idiomas, en caso de que no se encuentre disponible una versión localizada, los Sitios y los Clientes estarán disponibles en inglés desde el sitio web de GoDaddy.com de EE. UU. Además, los Guías de atención de GoDaddy posiblemente no estén disponibles las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana en todos los países.

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